Surprisingly enough, there are way too many people in the world that still don’t know the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian. I would be rich if I had a dollar for every time someone offered me a salad with cheese as a vegan option. No. Just no.

In case you might be one of these people, don’t worry. You’re not alone! I’m here to help you with definitions of common words used in the plant-based community.


Does not consume an animal or animal-derived product.

Raw Vegan

A vegan who consumes only whole, uncooked foods. Uncooked = Cooked below 40 degrees Celsius.


Does not consume animal flesh. May still consume dairy, eggs, honey, silk, wool, leather, and fur.


Does not consume the flesh of land animals, but does consume sealife. May still consume dairy, eggs, honey, wool, silk, leather, and fur.

Meat Eater

Consumes both animal flesh and animal secretions. (Not synonymous with carnivore)


A animal that is genetically designed to eat and digest flesh. (Not synonymous with human)


An animal that is genetically designed to eat both flesh and plants.


An animal that is genetically designed to eat plants. Humans are herbivores.


1. Food or product made of plant material; 2. Describes a person who eats plant foods but does not consider himself vegan.

Seitan (say-tan)

Delicious meat substitute made of wheat gluten

Tempeh (tim-pay)

Also a delicious meat substitute made out of fermented tofu.

Quinoa (kween-wa)

A starch seed that can be used as a base or topping of a veg dish.

Let me know if there are any other words/phrases that should be defined here!