This is that moment where my personal veganism has turned into activism. I am so happy to be sharing my experiences, my tips, and inspiration for those just starting and those continuing the vegan journey.

I wanted to create to provide 100% real information about veganism – both the benefits and the struggles. As I look around at vegan blogs, sites, and magazines, I find myself reading about these “perfect” vegans, who are living the happiest, healthiest, and fittest life. I see the vegans who are protesting the meat and dairy industry with graphic slaughter videos and disturbing health statistics. 

Yes, these sites are providing TRUE information and these stories absolutely need to be told, but not everyone may identify with those stories and may find it hard to be inspired to start or continue the vegan lifestyle. And though the statistics are TRUE and slaughterhouse videos are REAL, sometimes that may not be the motivation you need to keep up with a vegan lifestyle. 

I created this site to give real tips and advice on how to take on a flesh-eating world as a thriving vegan. I created this site as an alternate approach of introducing and promoting the vegan lifestyle, for those who may not fit in the stereotypical form of a vegan. Veganism is more than changing your dietary preference. Ethical veganism changes the way you think, the way you act, and how you see the world. Your friends may not like it. Your family may not like it. And that’s okay! Through sharing my personal experiences, I hope to provide guidance and motivation for those days when you think, “It’s just to hard to be vegan,” or “I could never be vegan.”


So what sets me and my blog apart from the other thousands of blogs convincing you to go vegan?

Real advice from real experiences
I give real advice from my real experiences. I personally believe veganism is great and the health benefits are numerous! But, sometimes I think vegans can become so excited about the lifestyle, they only talk about the good things of veganism. I want to share the good, bad, and ugly of veganism. I want to open the discussion for real people who may feel that they don’t fit the “vegan mold” and shun away from the lifestyle. I want to prove veganism is for everyone.

I’m a vegan newbie too
I’m still fairly new in the vegan game. I know, some of you may think it is silly to take advice from somebody who has been vegan for less than a year! But, hear me out! A lot of long time vegans, who have been vegan for years, may have forgotten just how hard the transition was. At this point, they may read labels like a pro, they may make all their vegan cheese from scratch, and all their friends are likely vegan too. They may not be able to fully relate anymore to the struggle of transitioning.

So when you come to this site, I want you to find INSPIRATION, IDEAS, and ADVICE all geared to change your mindset on veganism and to help you make the leap to veganism. I want you to share your thoughts, feelings, and struggles.