This past Labor Day weekend, I traveled to Maryland to visit my college best friend. We had an awesome weekend planned with an itinerary filled with sight-seeing, vegan restaurant visits, and a much-needed cookout with family and friends. Little did I know, I would be #blessed with a wonderful new vegan recipe from my best friend’s mom!

Now, my bestie and her family are in no way vegan, but when they heard I was coming to town they did exactly what good family does – they made sure I didn’t starve. When I arrived at my friend’s house, she warmed up the container of goodness her mom made just for me.

The concoction of flavor that hit my mouth was overwhelming! This dish tasted like a family cookout and a Thanksgiving rolled into one! This is a recipe I have to share! I made sure I didn’t leave the DMV area without the recipe.

Now, since I’m not into stealing recipes, I will link the recipe source below. This recipe was produced by Trisha’s Southern Kitchen on the Food Network! Though the network has deemed it “Southern Skillet Black Eyed Peas,” it makes a perfect vegan chili for the winter months!

You know what else I am impressed by? The food network creating delicious vegan recipes and giving them the same recognition as all other savory meals! When you visit the website for the recipe, you will not find a vegan designation or warning to the meat eaters of the world. This reinforces that vegan recipes can be just as easy and delicious as any other meal!


For the recipe, click here!


As usual, I have also listed a few of my tips and suggestions for cooking this dish below



1.The recipe really only makes four servings. I would make sure to double the recipe if you are cooking for more than two people or if you plan on freezing leftovers for later. I also made this batch last by using it as topping to brown rice. I was able to make about 8 servings that way.

2. Speaking of leftovers, this chili is the kind of chili that tastes better the next day. So, if you are planning on making this for dinner tonight, I suggest you make it today and put it in the fridge until tomorrow. All the flavors will have blended together into something really magical.

3. For all my health nuts out there, this is not a healthy recipe since it includes oil, brown sugar, and lots of sodium. To cut the calories, I suggest using the chili as a topping for rice instead of devouring an entire bowl serving.

4. This recipe is a dump and cook, meaning the directions really only tell you when to add the ingredients to the pot and how long to let them cook. There is no skill or expertise required!

5. To make this recipe even easier – Make sure to prep all veggies before you begin cooking. The recipe calls for both collard greens and black-eyed peas. It’s 2017 – you should wash your greens and beans! Also, the recipe requires the chopping of a green bell pepper and a full onion. These items should be ready to go when you begin.

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If you decide to try this recipe, let me know what you think in the comments below! I’d love to hear any changes or additions you make!