With the vast amount of information in the world promoting plant-based lifestyles, it is fairly easy to get the information to understand why veganism is right for you. It can’t be denied that every person who has once considered becoming a vegan, and subsequently implemented the vegan lifestyle, can pinpoint that one moment or that one piece of information that made it click for them. For the rest of their lives, they will be able to recall the one thing that changed them. 

This moment of change may come from a book that they read, a film that they watched, or a personal story they were told. And though I hope WePigOut would be your one thing, let me take the time to introduce you to the great resources I find that inspire change.

Title: Food Choices

Director: Michal Siewierski

Release Year: 2016


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As I mentioned in My Vegan Story, I LOVE watching documentaries. And food justice documentaries have a special place in my heart. Now, I have seen the major pieces, specifically focusing on plant-based diets, and I was excited when I heard a new documentary was being released! And of course, I rented it the first week it was available on Amazon.

Here are a few aspects to this film that make it unique, informative, and a must watch for those interested in a plant-based lifestyle.


Introduces a variety of plant-based topics

Many of the documentaries I have watched tend to focus on one particular topic of veganism, generally, in one of the following three areas; health, environment, or ethics. Michal Siewierski, Food Choices filmmaker,  focuses on all three aspects, providing more of an overview of the reasoning and science behind the plant-based eating. As I watched, I noticed Siewierski’s pattern. It was almost as if he took every doubt or argument that has been presented against a vegan diet and destroyed it with scientific facts. He never lingers too long on any one topic, and in that sense, he doesn’t dive into any one subject. In case you are still doubting the benefits of a vegan diet, Siewierski presents solid answers to these questions and so much more:

Cavemen ate meat, so why shouldn’t we?

Does a plant-based diet provide the proper nutrients for a healthy body?

Is eating fish healthy?

How does a plant-based eating improve your sex life?

What’s wrong with “humane” slaughter?

Is white meat (chicken and turkey) healthier than red meat?

How does the meat and dairy industry effect the environment?

Why should I avoid dairy and eggs?


Wide array of vegan contributors

Another unique benefit to FOOD CHOICES is the wide array of vegan contributors providing their insight to the presented subject matters. A majority of these contributors are doctors and scientist, which adds an authoritative value to the film. Of course, like most food justice documentaries.The film also features prominent doctors, nutritionists, vegan athletes, chefs, and musicians. Here are just a few:

 Dr. Pamela A. Popper, Ph. D

Dr. T. Colin Cambell, Ph. D  – The China Study, Author

Joe Cross – Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Dr. John A. McDougall, M.D. – The Starch Solution

Dr. Micheal Greger 

Hilary Biscay – Triathalon champion

Dr. Toni Bark, MD, MHEM, LEED, AP

Dr. Sam Lespinasse, M.D.

D Anthony Evans

De’Mar Hamilton

Chef HC David Choi

Dr. Richard Oppenlander

Chef Dave Choi

For a complete list of speakers, click here.


Connection to filmmaker

 I always find the connection the filmmaker has to the vegan lifestyle can fuel their quest for answers and shape the way they present the information in the film. As the film starts, Siewierski explains that he started a plant-based diet for health reasons and has since reaped many health benefits as a result. He has a desire to continue this lifestyle, but he wants to explore the viability of plant-based eating for the long term. He also incorporates his family and his want to raise his daughter on a plant-based diet. Like the other parts of the film, Siewierski does not delve deep into his personal connection to the film.

Who would this documentary impact the most?

This documentary is perfect for those who understand why people choose a vegan lifestyle, but can’t see the practicality of eating plant based. This documentary is perfect for those looking for scientific evidence and authoritative information on plant-based eating. This documentary is perfect for those who want straightforward facts and reasoning.

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