Do you remember that one vegan meal you made? The one meal that when you tasted it, you just knew that the possibilities of vegan foods were endless?

This is it for me. My favorite vegan breakfast – Fluffy Pancakes, Tofu Scramble, and Sweet Potato Wedges. I know this may be a simple breakfast, but the first time I pulled this meal together, it instantly became my favorite meal and a Saturday morning ritual. This meal is quick and easy to pull off and most of the ingredients can be found in my Basic Vegan Grocery List.

I really wish I could take all the credit for this wonderful meal, but I’m just not there yet. Make sure to check out the links for the full recipes!


From Cookie Kate

Simple Vegan Pancake Recipe, click here!

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Photo courtesy of Cookie Kate


Here are a few of my notes:

1. The recipe calls for whole wheat flour. This is a great choice if you want to add lots of fiber and protein to your plate. But, don’t be afraid to use other flours if whole wheat flour is not in your pantry. All-Purpose flour ALWAYS works and I have tried this recipe with Brown Rice Flour, which gives it stronger nutty flavor compared to the whole wheat flour.

2. I have used both almond and cashew milk; neither changed the flavor of the pancakes.

3. For the sweetener, I use a couple of squeezes of my maple syrup OR 3 tablespoons of coconut sugar. Both of these options add a subtle, sweet taste – enough to notice. I usually top my pancakes with maple syrup, but feel free to use agave nectar.

4. I have added bananas to my pancake mix for a slight spin on the recipe. You can feel free to add bananas, blueberries, or vegan chocolate chips to the mix!

5. Perfect pancakes are all about your cooking technique.

  • Make sure you are cooking on medium to medium high-heat. If you tend to burn your food, (you know who you are) try to cooking on medium-low heat. It will take slightly longer to cook, but you are less likely to burn your pancakes!
  • Oil your pan with vegan butter (for crispy edges) or a cooking oil, like coconut.
  • DO NOT flip your pancake until you see the edges of the pancakes are browning and there are bubbles on the top of the pancake! Your pancake will let you know it’s ready to flip! You should have no problem getting it off the pan!
  • The second side never needs as much time as the first side, if you do it right.



From Hot For Food

The Perfect Tofu Scramble recipe, click here!

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Here are a few of my notes:

This recipe can fool even the biggest scrambled egg lover into a second serving! The only change I make: I use red onion or shallots instead of green onions and I add chopped spinach and red bell pepper.



From We Pig Out

Sweet Potato Wedges recipe, see below!


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No recipe required here, just technique. I have found that the best way to make potato wedges, white or sweet, can be done in five steps! For two servings, I use 3 large sweet potatoes.

Peel them!

This is optional. I usually peel my potatoes. If you decide to leave the skin on, please make sure you change this step to “Scrub them!”

Cut them!

I like to cut my potatoes into big, fat wedges, but feel free to cut them into smaller, more fry-like pieces. Just remember, the size and shape of your wedges will vary the required baking time.

Boil them!

Bring a pot of water to a boil. Once the water is boiling, place the wedges in and cover for about seven minutes, occasionally stirring. You want the potatoes to be slightly firm and just soft enough to pierce with a fork. When the wedges are ready, you can use a colander to drain the water. Place the potatoes on a baking sheet covered in parchment paper!

*SIDE NOTE: Using parchment paper is important here! It will allow you to bake the potatoes without the use of cooking oils. Less fat and super easy clean-up? Win-Win!

Season them!

I like to give my wedges an Italian seasoning. So, I use the following spices: sea salt, ground black pepper, garlic powder, parsley, and rosemary. You don’t need a lot of seasoning, but make sure the seasoning is well proportioned on both sides of the potato. For more tips on seasoning, click here!

Bake them!

I usually bake my wedges on 375⁰ F for about 20-25 minutes. That time and temperature setting may vary depending on the oven you are using.

*Here is my pro tip for baking or reheating in the oven: If you are multi-tasking while you are baking or you just don’t pay attention when cooking, set your temp at a lower level. I promise your food will cook thoroughly! It will just take more time and it will be harder for you to burn it. Also, your nose is your most reliable timer! My mom always taught me that when you can smell the food, it’s done baking. When you smell the wedges, check them with your eyes (and a fork if you need it) to make sure the wedges are cooked the way you like.


That’s it! This DELICIOUS meal is perfect for a lazy weekend morning. Quick and easy with little to no risks of messing it up!

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What is your favorite veg-friendly breakfast food?

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