Okay, let me tell you about some real life conversations:

Guy: I would love to take you out this weekend!

Me: That sounds good. What do you have planned?

Guy: Well, we could go to this new steakhouse… wait, you’re vegan. Can you eat there? Why don’t you just think of something for us to do and let me know!

Uggghhhh! How annoying! Notice, I said conversations. Yes, this conversation has happened more than once!

Don’t ever be the guy in that conversation!  Be the guy who reads this article and takes your date on a thoughtful first date!

I have compiled 5 first date ideas for your new (or old) vegan crush. You can thank me later. 🙂


1. Coffee Shop

Level of Planning: 1

Cost: $

Why is it a great first date? Short and sweet. Going on a date to a coffee house just might be the perfect first date, especially for a date you met recently. The best part about this kind of date is its flexibility. Do want to sit and chat to get to know one another? Pull up a chair. Do you want to move around and explore the city? Take your coffee to go and walk around the city. Is the date not going as well as you planned? Well, sip fast and get going. Is the date going better than you planned? Keep talking or suggest another location.

Why is it vegan-friendly? Most coffee shops now offer vegan options by providing non-dairy options for milk. In fact, Starbucks recently introduced a third non-dairy option, almond milk, in addition to the soy milk and coconut milk they already served.


2. Farmer’s Market

Level of Planning: 1

Cost: FREE (unless you are really shopping)

Why is it a great first date? I admit. This may not be a great date idea for some, but I went on a first date to a farmer’s market and really enjoyed it! Farmer’s markets are generally not busy enough to keep you from having a conversation, but busy enough to provide distractions. If you pick the right market, often times there are sights, smells, and tastes that you can explore and enjoy together. There is so much around you, you won’t have to worry about running out of things to talk about.

Why is it vegan-friendly? Though some markets may serve meat and dairy items, there is an abundance of plant foods and health conscious products that you and your date can take part in. My favorite part of the farmer’s market has to be the food vendors! It is very likely vendors will be available serving vegan foods.


3. Saturday or Sunday Brunch

Level of Planning: 2

Cost: $$

Why is it a great first date? Dinner dates can be way too stuffy. Try heading out for a late morning meal, like brunch! I’m also a strong advocate of day dates. The vibes for early dates is a lot more relaxed. Relaxed vibes and delicious food is the perfect mixture for a first date.

Why is it vegan-friendly? This is where the planning will come in. Many vegetarian restaurants are starting to offer a brunch menu and I definitely urge you to go try it out. For meat-eaters, I think a breakfast menu is probably the easiest menu to “veganize” and still taste the same. Deliciousness for everyone!


4. Animal Sanctuary

Level of Planning: 4

Cost: Free –  $

Why is it a great first date? Playing and cuddling with animals?? I might change this to best first date! Okay, once again, the greatness of this date really depends on the person you are taking out. But who really could turn down this face?


Why is it vegan-friendly? A trip to an animal sanctuary can be beneficial for both dates. It might be nice to get an up close look at your date’s reasons for becoming vegan and it might even inspire a little change in yourself.



5. Vegan Cooking Class

Level of Planning: 5

Cost: $$ – $$$

Why is it a great first date? Hands-on physical contact mixed in with a little bit of team work! Cooking classes are perfect first dates to spark the chemistry and really find out how much of a team player your date is. Plus, you and your date may pick up a few new tricks to use in the kitchen.

Why is it vegan-friendly? For me, one of the best parts about becoming vegan is learning both new recipes and old recipes with a plant-based twist. And let’s be honest, we can never tire of a new exciting way to cook tofu!